m-CHANGE Services Philosophy

a. Vision: “To provide positive changes in life”
b. m-CHANGE focus in providing change firstly to oneself then the community,     country and the lastly the world at large.

m-CHANGE Focus Task (M.F.T)

m-CHANGE focuses on three areas in meeting our objectives. Upholding the objectives is our mission and vision to ensure our future a contented one.

Our objectives are:

1. Striving for changes (positive) to self.
2. Wanting changes to the loved ones thru QASEEDAH.
3. Contribute to changes in the community.

Our Services

Our group is brimming with activity! We offer:

    • TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday. (SINGAPORE)

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday is a programme dedicated for youths.

Our teenagers in school are faced with a multitude of challenges. We need to respond quickly with new, existing and creative initiatives that will capture teens and sustain their interests in learning and inspiring them to do good.

m-CHANGE vision to instill positive values into participants thru exciting and interactive environment/programme. Our content is suitable designed addressing issues of a typical teenager.

Students are transforming from a child to a young adult, often facing  challenges of self-acceptance, peer pressure, desire for freedom and search of identity. These challenges may bring about feelings of anxiety, dissatisfaction, frustration and lack of confidence.

The need to overcome such challenges is crucial in ensuring our future is stable. Providing a fresh look at them and providing role model characteristic in every participant is the responsibility of m-CHANGE.

m-CHANGE will emulate them with successful individuals that have brought change to themselves and others.

Programme is divided into two.

Programme A

Programme B

  • Numerous Oasis Groups, i.e., small-groups for Quran study, prayer, friendship, and support.
  • After Friday prayers at Assyakirin Mosque, Level 4
  • For Youths ONLY
  • Lecture on Basic Islam practices, Understanding and respecting other beliefs. Q n A on youth related matters.
  • 7.30 pm at Assyakirin Mosque, Audi
  • For Youths ONLY



Knowing 70 kinds of Sins in Islamic context is crucial in understanding methods to practice the rights of both Creator and creations. Equipt with such knowledge a person will be able to save himself/herself and enters paradise.
All are invited.



In overcoming teenagers’ problem, m-CHANGE Services conduct motivational programmes for youths at Secondary School and polytechnics in Singapore. Among areas focuses are:


1. WHAT CHANGE (Introduction)
2. WHY CHANGE (Basic)
3. LOVE CHANGE (Intermediate)


- Identify Formation
- Motivation Theories
- Bringing examples of successful individuals
- Interactive activities
- Community project

- 4.30 Hours (3 x 1.30 Hours)


1. WHAT CHANGE (Basic/Introduction)
- Knowing self
- Understanding three characteristic of a profile
- Mutual understanding of importance on points above
- Instilling anxiety to know more

2. WHY CHANGE (Intermediate)

- Recollection of introduction
- Understanding right and wrong
- Basic self discipline
- Peer pressure/influence
- My identity

3. LOVE CHANGE (Advance)

- Recollection of basic and introduction
- Understanding importance of positive changes
- Needs of changes to self
- Moving towards wanting only good
- Motivating others
- Creating m-CHANGE(Mini changes) Project for those in need
- Turning into ambassadors

After completion of three modules, students will be able to understand individual responsibities for the contribution of a better community. Learning that personal capacity in providing mini changes does bring an impact to the larger world. Participant will want to be source of positive changes to friends.

1. Turn self to positive changes
2. Helping friends to positive changes
3. Wanting positive changes to the world.

Schools interested to be “touched” by our programme could e-mail us at m-change@live.com

**Charges applicable



- Melahirkan masyarakat yang sihat dari dadah dan sebarang penyakit social.
- Untuk memartabatkan agama, bangsa dan Negara.

- Merawat, memilihkan dan memberi kesedaran
- Memberi sedaran tanggungjawab kepada masyarakat tentang gejala social yang    berpunca dari dadah dan seumpamanya.
- Memberi kesedaran dan dorongan kepada yang terlibit agar kembali ke pangkal    jalan sebagai rakyat Malaysia bersama masyarakat yang lain untuk memaju dan   membangunkan agama, bangsa dan Negara.
- Menjalankan aktiviti kebajikan secara bersepadu dengan pihak lain bagi   membantu golongan yang tidak bernasib baik diberi pembelaan dengan rasa   penuh tanggung jawab.
- Pembelajaran Tahfiz yang efektif.
- Pengamalan Al-Quran secara tradisi.
- Darul Islah bertempat di Selangor Darul Ihsan, Sabak Bernam.